Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eshkan's Plea by Meredith Burton

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And now, a poem inspired by the events in Veiled Rose...


By Meredith

(To the Tune of “Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day”)

I sang her to sleep with my melody sweet.

On lonely nights my watch did keep.

Now I stand within Death’s ballroom of hate

To rescue my daughter from his poisonous embrace.

Sing Rosie fair,

Rosie fair

Rosie, Rosie,

I wait for her call of broken despair.

Another repines in Death’s cold dark chair.

So torn and wretched beyond all compare.

A wise yet rash daughter with intentions so kind

I wait for her answer, her choice to be mine.

Oh, Daylily fair,

Daylily fair,

Lily, Lily,

I wait for her call of broken despair.

The one who stands gloating is bound as well.

So empty and starved for a kernel of love.

He does not know, for he does not hear

My plea to release him from his Path of Tears.

Oh, Death so bound,

Death so bound

So bound, so bound

You will not reach for my helping hand.

My daughter has fallen.

Her strength is spent.

In broken despair she is at her wits’ end.

Mor lovely is she in her helpless dark plight,

For now I stand ready to lift her to life.

Oh, Rosie fair,

Rosie fair,

Rosie, Rosie.

At last Death’s chamber is flooded with light.

My Name flutters forth upon wings so dear.

What joy to hear its tones ring clear.

I cradle my children and blot their tears

As Death-In-Life flees in tumultuous fear.

Oh, children fair,

Children fair,

So fair,

So fair,

I’ve answered your call of broken despair.

Oh, children of mine as the ages roll by,

Remember this story that never shall die.

Death holds out his arms full of poisoned delights

And seeks to trample and throttle pure life.

Oh, call to me now.

Call to me now.

Right now, right now.

I wait for your call of broken despair.

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