Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ashes and Dreams by Allison

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Presenting a poem inspired by Veiled Rose...

Ashes and Dreams



I wear a coat of dreams.

It glistens and it gleams.

It catches lives and begs for them

To join in its grand dance.

Though the wise refuse and wander on,

It always will give them the chance.

The stars are caught up in its weave.

The galaxies combine.

It stirs its broth of life and death

Into a mix refined.

Sometimes it weighs me down.

It pinches and it twists.

It drags my shoulders to the floor.

It strains and hurts my wrists.

Sometimes it shows me dreams

That are too grand for me,

And though I cry and though I beg,

It will not let me be.

I wore my coat of dreams.

It glistened and it gleamed

Until I tore it off.


And now that it is gone,

I wonder if I’m wrong.

But though it gave me dreams,

It never gave me life.

Although it gave me beauty,

I though it not the price.

It never gave me love,

Although it dearly tried.

For all its wild grandeur,

My coat could only lie.

So listen to my warning:

Do not scorn the idle dream.

Be wary of your coat

Although it glistens and it gleams.

If it ever asks you for your life,

Be sure to throw it out.

For I’ve had my dreams fulfilled,

And they’re ashes in my mouth.

1 comment:

Jill Stengl said...

If Daylily were ever to sing her thoughts . . .

Beautifully written!